*10 weeks / 1 Term - 1 session per week

* 4 Speakers / Artists in total

* Zumba

Song writing

*Cultural Dance

*Hip Hop

* 1-1.5 hours in length (pending school schedule)

* Several focussed discussion topics

*Interactive song writing

*Dance routines/group work

*Final performance

Lead by one of our four Big Sisterhood artists, students will participate in sessions that combine discussion topics together with an arts based activity. Each of our speakers will share their personal stories and coping mechanisms, which promotes resilience and  encourages students to develop a healthy mind and body relationship.


Each speaker will also deliver a fun workshop to further promote confidence and morale, whether that is Zumba, Hip Hop, Song Writing or Cultural Dance. These activities activate endorphins as well as creating a sense of unity within the school. The girls will write and learn a song with Brihony, learn a dance routine with experienced dance teachers Lucy and Megan, and learn traditional cultural dance with Tarsh.


We will finish with a reflection of concepts they have taken away over the term, and leave them with some exercises they can implement in their every day lives in a sustainable manner.

What's Included:
60 minute session- PRIMARY SCHOOL AGE

  • 2 vibrant facilitators

  • Awareness Topics & Discussions

  • Fun Dance Elements

  • Interactive Confidence Exercises

Topics Covered:

  • Self-Respect & Confidence Body Image

  • Positive Self-Talk Leadership

  • Being a good friend

  • What does 'beautiful' mean?