Expressive Art Therapy & Sport Workshops

Big Sisterhood also offers a range of Add-On services and workshops as a way to keep your students active through the Arts. The practice of Expressive Art Therapy uses a variety of arts and creative mediums to foster human growth, development and healing. We have 5 of the most talented and experienced creatives to deliver these fun workshops as an alternative therapy. These can be booked as once off or ongoing sessions over a 12 month package period.



Natarsha Bramblett

Cultural Dance

Lucy Carr

Zumba - Latin - Urban Dance Workshops






Natasha Bramblett

Wayapa Wuurrk Teachings

Contemporary Cultural dance workshops from our beautiful Indigenous artist Natarsha, educating on Aboriginal history using contemporary dance and traditional cultural movement.  Natarsha is a young woman with a wealth of dance, teaching and coaching experience within Indigenous communities.


She has travelled throughout rural Australia working to positively influence the lives of many young people, and is an amazing role model.

Lucy is one of the most sought after, experienced and well known Zumba Instructors in Melbourne and has been running classes full time for 10 years.  A professionally trained dancer and successful performer, she has worked with teenage girls in high schools for over 15 years teaching a variety of dance styles.  Lucy has also worked alongside several health organisations to help combat depression and stress through dance.  Her Zumba and dance sessions are full of fun, loud music and her warm, laid back nature gives the students the opportunity to let go and let their guards down.

Based on ancient Indigenous knowledge and wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for healing ourselves.


Having an energy connection to the Earth is what has sustained Australian Aboriginal people to be the world’s oldest, continuous living culture –  for over 80,000 years! Includes Welcome to Country, connection practice, song, dance and stories.

Brihony Dawson

Song Writing / Music

Rock god, international successful songwriter and vocalist Brihony Dawson and their Aria winning musician Kiki Courtidis have joined forces to deliver one of the most entertaining creative workshops that high schools have seen. This workshop teaches students the skills to develop meaningful songwriting in collaboration with live music.

While their fierce energy and charisma may have Brihony standing in line to become the next powerhouse in music, we can guarantee that the students will leave this workshop feeling inspired, entertained and fully confident in who they are as individuals.

With 20 years experience Megan is recognised as one of the best in her field when it comes to dance programs and tackling social and personal issues.  Megan works as a teacher and a mentor through dance and choreography to help young women and mothers reconnect with themselves and accept their bodies.  She uses Hip Hop to help the students find their power, and Mumma Samba and Latin classes to encourage them to embrace becoming and being a woman.  Megan has mastered the art of delivering strength, compassion and support while students embrace their journey through life.

Now in her second year playing for Richmond in the VFL Women’s league, Natarsha is one of the most inspiring and skilled female football athletes going around. Playing football and other sports from her teens, she uses her experience, knowledge and refined skills to teach and coach the students how to play AFL football, in a fun and interactive session.Natarsha is an amazing role model for any young females who are interested in sports or an active lifestyle, as she demonstrates how to break through the weight of social expectations and "Kick like a girl!"

Megan Ibrahim
Hip Hop - Latin & Mumma Samba
Nartarsha Bamblett
AFLW Football