Megan Ibrahim

Co Founder & Speaker

Mental Health & Self Awareness

Proof that people can live a fulfilled and happy life while experiencing mental health challenges, Megan co-created Big Sisterhood due to her desire to join forces with other strong, resilient people who use their voices, experience and skills to educate and inspire the youth of today. Throughout her career as a professional dancer, stunt woman and teacher, Megan has run many classes and programs designed specifically to empower children, youth and adults of all genders.


Megan provides powerful insights about growing up in the western suburbs of Melbourne, living with childhood abuse, and learning to manage the depression and anxiety she has lived with since she was very young. She believes that is only by acknowledging, taking ownership and working on our challenges that we can truly find peace and acceptance of who we are and our place in the world


Becoming a parent has shown Megan that, while she can’t protect her child from experiencing hurt and pain in life, she can teach him how to deal with trauma and be resilient. Megan explains how she has learned to use her childhood trauma to make her stronger. She also discusses the importance of practising consistent self-care to enable people to live a healthy, well-balanced life.


By breaking down perceived stigmas around mental health, Megan creates much needed awareness, particularly for adolescent women. Megan teaches youth to be mindful and savvy with their perception of life as portrayed on social media. Megan’s honest, raw and empathetic qualities offer the audience a sense of realness and create a safe space for the girls to be vulnerable and open.


• Highlights the importance resilience plays in our lives when we are faced with accepting a change to our situation or personal circumstance 

• Provides examples of how self-awareness is a powerful tool that can assist with rewriting life stories, negative beliefs and negative self-talk 

• Illustrates the role of connecting with others and support services

• Demonstrates strategies dealing with stress and making positive choices

Lucy Carr

Co Founder & Speaker

Body Image & Self Esteem

An experienced full-time dance teacher, Lucy has spent the last 15 years working extensively with teenage girls in schools. Her awareness of the lack of real and candid information covering sensitive female-related topics for students inspired Lucy to co-create Big Sisterhood. By sharing the stories and life experiences of real women, they become relatable role models who inspire youth to share compassion and love while being mindful of the difficulties faced by teenage girls today.

Lucy’s passion for empowering young women stems from the damaging body image challenges she experienced throughout her professional dance career. Overcoming the struggles of her teens and twenties has motivated Lucy to share her story with the younger generation. Through honesty, humour and warmth, she brings awareness to the impact of negative self-talk and encourages girls to view themselves, and their peers, in a different more positive light. 


Through this important conversation, Lucy shares her personal experiences to create awareness concerning the topics of body image, negative social media influences, social pressures, as well as promoting self-love and confidence. Discussing themes within a social context, she explores how she found self-worth from positive sources to build resilience and manage life stress.


Lucy has experienced first-hand how dance and music create confidence in people of all ages and walks of life. She uses this knowledge and her extensive dance experience throughout the session, encouraging the girls to get up out of their seats and involved in ice-breaking, entertaining dancing. This pushes them out of their comfort zones and connects them physically with their bodies. Promoting the ‘give it a go’ attitude, this works to build positive interaction and self-confidence, while providing some light-hearted laughter and fun to the event.


• Recognition of one’s potential and individual unique qualities to discover and develop healthy self-worth

• Shares strategies on how to manage body image pressure, particularly those that stem from social media

• Promotes positive body image and associated healthy behaviours

• Encourages confidence and physical activity through dance

speakers and Resilience topics

Brihony Dawson

Speaker & musician/SINGER

Self-Identity & LGBTIQA Awareness

An internationally successful songwriter, vocalist and emcee, Brihony gender identifies as non-binary. For much of their professional career, Brihony has travelled throughout Australia, Europe and the USA. A strong advocate and participant in Pride events worldwide, they are looking forward to headlining a show during the 2019 Mardi Gras Festival in Sydney.


Brihony is passionate about LGBTIQA visibility and the importance of educating and discussing issues involving acceptance, gender and sexuality. Brihony has faced many challenges throughout their life, which are the driving force behind their desire to work with young people through the performing arts.

Their experiences with parental death and subsequent mental health issues, including being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, has led them through incredibly difficult times to a place of strength and acceptance.


Brihony has a strong desire to help and encourage young people to think outside their comfort zones and explore the world they inhabit. They want young people to be proud of who they are, and be educated to move past the shame that often accompanies the confusion of being ‘different’ from societal norms.


A big believer in the power of education through the arts, Brihony's presentation in Big Sisterhood involves interactive singing, live music and performing to teach young people how to live happy, motivated and fulfilled lives, every day. For Brihony, the best part about music is the ability to create and connect with an audience. Through music and sharing their story and experiences, they want to address the need for awareness, information and compassion for young people today.


• Demonstrates the role of identity and developing a strong sense of self

• Creates awareness around LGBTIQA discrimination, gender and equality

• Challenges perception of social norms and stereotypes, while educating on inclusive language/terminology

•  Educates and creates high morale using contemporary arts, music and singing

Natarsha Bamblett

Speaker & cultural leader

Culture & Values

Natarsha’s upbringing as an Indigenous Australian has provided her with the drive and desire to connect with and support other girls who feel ‘on the outside’. An eloquent speaker, her life story can inspire young women to break through the weight of cultural expectations and strive to reach their ambitions, dreams and personal growth.

Natarsha is a young woman with a wealth of dance, teaching and coaching experience within Indigenous communities. She has travelled throughout rural Australia working to positively influence the lives of many young people, and is an amazing role model.

Natarsha believes that the self-expression inherent in the performing arts is a perfect way to inspire youth to become resilient, strong and leaders in their local community. Sharing this passion in her Big Sisterhood session, she performs a traditional Aboriginal contemporary dance piece and familiarises her audience with words from the Aboriginal language, giving them a sense of connection to Indigenous Australia.

Now in her second year playing for Richmond in the VFL Women’s league, Natarsha also works as an Aboriginal Health Coach in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. She is a staunch advocate for the need for Indigenous people to connect to their language, land, people, culture and spirituality so they can fully embrace who they are. She uses this knowledge to encourage young people of all cultures to break down the stigmas they (and society) may hold and challenge their view of themselves and their communities.


Natarsha’s involvement in Big Sisterhood is the perfect avenue to continue her work with youth and inspire them to connect to their culture and themselves. She believes the challenges and burdens we face in our lives have the potential to give us the strength to achieve personal happiness and success. By sharing her story, knowledge and experience, Natarsha hopes to empower young women to strive to be the best they can be.


  • Heightens awareness around Indigenous Australian history, culture and language, through interactive song and dance.

  • Explores and educates about racism outside of cliche stereotypes.

  • Shares examples of persevering through adversity in regards to breaking gender-biased social moulds.

  • Celebrates driven women, and motivates youth to explore sports and physical activity.


Time is allocated for a Q&A session at the end of each show. Created to give the girls a voice, this forum enables them to ask the presenter/s questions about any topic, no matter how personal. It is an important way for the participants to share any thoughts, concerns or
desire to learn more about issues that matter to them.