D & M

Where girl talk gets real

'D&M' is an interactive in-school session designed for teen girls to empower and promote confidence through the use of story-telling, dance and music. We are all dancers and performers, so using music and movement is one of our favourite ways to connect with the students! We have engaged several charismatic speakers who are passionate about sharing their stories and experiences as a way to explore and provide helpful strategies to combat life's challenges.


Each of our speakers have faced and overcome different emotional hurdles throughout our lives, which enable us to provide some unfiltered, REAL TALK for students. In our time with the girls, we use our individual life stories to demonstrate resilience and encourage them to develop a healthy mind and body relationship.


60-90 minute session

A jam packed session with x2 of our amazing Big Sisterhood legends which include:

-personal stories of their stress and challenges

-coping mechanisms and ways to combat their emotional hurdles

-interactive confidence exercises

-super fun dance elements to encourage group bonding and personal self esteem

Dance & Music Workshops

As well as our DnM sessions, we also offer a range of interactive workshops as a way to keep students active through the arts. We have talented, creative professionals to deliver these fun workshops as a hands on approach to teach new skills and lift morale. These bookings range from a variety of dance / song workshops, AFL football sessions and cultural dance / Wayapa practise. 

 Our program is easily adapted to suit a school or organisation's individual needs, whether that is to focus on a particular topic, adjust session length or create a customised package.


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