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Big Sisterhood is a modern resilience program tailored for teen girls, who promote wellness, self-love and awareness through personal storytelling, dance and music.


We are group of kick-ass powerful women and gender diverse people who work to build resilience, share coping strategies and create community togetherness within young people of today. An eclectic group, we have come together to share our individual stories and life experiences with students in a safe and inclusive environment. We like to think of ourselves as relatable role models within our communities, and we are passionate about making a positive change for young women and girls. Through personal story-telling, we create awareness around topics such as: 


Mental health 

Body image


Cultural values

Social media pressures

Cyber safety

Broken homes

Sexuality / gender identity

School / peer / social culture

This innovative and empowering program includes elements of interactive dance and live music, all with a sprinkle of humour to connect with the students. Australia-wide, we aim to engage with young people, encouraging them to have authentic and real conversations to help balance their use of technology and social media. With resilience as a focus, Big Sisterhood fuse REAL TALK, current social issues, and entertainment to connect with and support young women.


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